Best Option for multiple hot water outlets?

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out the best hot water solution for my build, and have looked at a few options thus far. I like the individual unit like the camplux & camp chef options available, but I was hoping to avoid installing a full propane system.

Has anyone had any luck with the tankless water heaters available at home depot like the Rheem & EcoSmart brands? Or are these going to suck way too much power.



Electric is definitely out.

With an adapter, a propane one should work with the 1 pound camping canisters. Some people report water pressure problems with these.

Mainly I do solar, a black jug sat in the sun. At night or on rainy days, I just heat water in a pot on my stove, and if I need more I use a fire coil which uses either my stove, a heater, or even a campfire to heat an unlimited amount of water. It’s basically a metal coil of tubing that sits on top of any heat source, and has a hose attached to each end.


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Thanks, that is what I was worried for electric. Will be looking into the fire coil.