Best location for diesel heater tank, inside or outside?

I recently purchased a diesel heater with a small fuel tank. I am trying to decide the best location for the tank, inside or outside. What are your thoughts, reasoning and experiences? I’m thinking outside in a small metal locked box to keep it secure and to keep any diesel smell from the fuel outside.

Thanks, P

I have the same concerns about the fuel. Keeps me from pressing the buy it now button. If I had a place to mount the tank outside, I would. Maybe on a spare or ladder that was on the door. I saw a post once where a guy mounted a tank under the van and changed the van fuel filler to a diesel type. Then he used the DEF cap part of it to fill a tank under the van. That looked like a good idea but would be expensive and take some engineering.

One thing I’ve read about them is that the green fuel line that comes with them is junk and you should get a better fuel line and I worry the plasic tank is not the best quality.