Best insulated blackout window covers

Reccomendations for best insulated blackout window covers for my High roof Transit with 144” wb

I made custom-fitted blackout panels from bulk Reflectix ( and attach them in minutes using small, powerful magnets fastened to the panels. My high top interior is not magnetic so I riveted in fender washers to mate up with the magnets.
At night from the outside, my van looks completely dark with zero light drainage even when the interior is lit up like an ambulance.
These panels also provide great insulating value.

I second that!

I also used the spare Reflectix left over from my vapour barrier installation cut to the window aperture sizes…I also bought a pair of thermal blackout curtains, cut them to the size of each panel, stuck each pair together using spray contact adhesive and then I sewed a binding around the edges to tidy them up a little. In the corners and a long the middle I also sewed some 10mm neodymium round magnets into the binding…and I can put four up and be totally blacked out in under two minutes!

I hope this helps!