Best futon mattress

I’m currently building my first van and hope to be experiencing van life by next spring. I have a toyota sienna that I am converting. It will just be me living in it and I plan on building a futon base so I can use it as bed and then fold it into a couch when not sleeping. A twin mattress is too wide and will not leave me the space I need for storage. I’m wondering how other people built their vans to accommodate this? What size mattress do you have? I was looking at cot size which are 30 inches wide but I’m having a hard time finding them. Where did you purchase your mattress? Thanks for any help.

Greetings & Welcome!

Foam camping pads typically come in 24"-30" widths, with your choice of thicknesses, multiple lengths, and densities (firmness).

Google “cot mattress”

I have also used chaise lounge cushions.


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