Bed plans for van

Hi I know this might be an old post, but I’m new on here, can someone point me in the right direction for plans for this bench/bed

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I believe I would choose a different design. The problem with that design is that the cushions must be removed to convert it, and that’s a pain in the butt.

A simpler slide out design is both better and will provide much more comfortable seating. I am not talking about the horrible sliding slat design, but a much better one. In traditional comfortable seating, neither the seat or back are straight. The L design is tipped slightly backwards to make it more comfortable. This is something severely lacking in most of the designs I see.

There are also multiple other calculations to be made too… You want the headroom to be able to sit on the seat or bed without hitting your head. Cushion height needs to be figured into that as well when determining the seat/bed heights.

While I do tend to DIY them myself, you can also find some too good to pass up deals like this one at:



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