Battle Born 100Ah vs. Renogy 200Ah deal

Hey all! So, I know enough to know that Battle Born is the ultimate best LiPo battery out there but one of those bad boys will set me back $874 for 100Ah and I also see on Renogy’s website this battery: Renogy 200Ah LiPo for only $999.

An additional 100Ah for only $125!?!?!? Too good to be true? or Win/Win right?
I plan on a 12v system so Renogy is still in the game for me. I’m wondering what, if any, are the downsides to the Renogy 200Ah as far as ‘battery features’ go? (warranty also) Hopefully someone more in-the-know can help me out here.

I’ve purchased 2 of the Big Battery 170 AH (around $970ea.) batteries- local/ California company- good support! No complaints at all and like the Renogy they’re much cheaper then BB. I also like the Anderson connectors( tried and true battery connections).

I’m having success with a SOK 206ah marine battery. $1030. Idk about the renogy battery it’s probably fine but stay away from their charge controllers at all costs. Myself and several others have had them malfunction.

I hear good things about the 100ah weize also. 400$ There’s a 20% off coupon on Amazon along with that as well.

I have good luck with my renogy charge controller for 2+ years now. I would venture to guess you hear about them breaking more than others (I have not) due to their popularity and being in use more than other brands.

As far as batteries, most are made in the same place with a different wrapper and name on them. I would not over think it, but renogy does have good customer service in my experience. I’d consider the warranty on the batteries as well as they are expensive.i

It is not a bad idea to go with something cheaper but likely reliable, renogy or one of the others as opposed the battle born until you are sure your system is setup correctly. Don’t want to fry a new battery and be at a complete loss.