Battery Isolator Problems


Hey guys, so if anyone knows battery isolators that can help me figure this out, that would be great. Ever since I installed my isolator, my van has had trouble starting up, or wont start at all. The set up is like this; Positive wire hooked up from starter battery —> switch---->isolator----->home batteries----> etc. I don’t know if the isolator is just continuously drawing away the power or what. IF anyone ran into this problem, or knows how to fix it, that would be great.


Switch for what? What type of isolator is it?There are three. Solenoid, solid state and smart isolators. My setup is different and is solid state. Alternator -> isolator middle pole. Then from here one to house and one to starter from the two outside poles.

I think the easiest way would be to figure it out would be to get a multimeter and test continuity and maybe check the voltage on your starter battery. If you aren’t charging the house with your alternator, I would completely remove the starter from the equation. Let it do what it does start your car. It shouldn’t be powering anything else.

Here is my exact setup:



Here’s a diagram for the most common hookup.


Starter Battery to isolator in, isolator out to house battery, and trigger to fuse box to a fuse that is only active when the ignition is turned on, like wipers or heater.


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