Battery Bank Space Required

Hi all, i’m trying to determine what size van i will need so i’m mapping it all out. How much room should i alot for a battery bank? I’ll be all season and want to do a lot of boondocking so i’ll want a pretty large battery bank. Looking for suggestions for physical dimensions i should plan to devote to battery setup rather than wattage, etc.

Thanks :blush:

Don’t forget the weight issue of batteries also. I placed my 2 gp31 AGMs centered over my rear axle and suspension under my bed. End to end they are probably 3’, then a sub wall to separate them from the rear storage area.

That’s great, thank you, 3 feet long, how deep is your battery compartment?

All batteries have what they call a Group Size, different dimensions. Some examples of a group there are 24s, 27s, 31s, 4D, 8D, and on. You can do a Google search for a chart of group sizes, weight and dimensions. Calculate your energy needs to choose what batteries you will need in your design. Any ? Give me a shout.