Basic Van Build

I have a 2004 Chevy conversion van that I finally got everything removed from and a flooring installed. The van has barn doors on both sides of the van. I am in the process of building a bed frame for the back and thinking of basic things I would need/want in my build. A dog crate is a must in the build as I have a young medium sized anxious dog who needs a crate to feel secure and travel in. I am wondering if there is any specific reason why vans all have the doors on the passenger side and most people build the majority on the opposite. As I said, my van has doors on both sides and I am fine having one door blocked as an entry and just use to open for airflow. I was wanting/thinking about using the door on the driver side as the main entry for several reasons; doors stay propped open by themselves and other side doesn’t, dog’s crate would be behind the passenger seat and I could see him while driving, easier access from drivers side door to van entry. I am totally fine with going against the norm. But curious if there are any reasons I might not be aware of as the why vans have doors on passengers side and any downside to doing a simple build the opposite way.

Thanks so much!!!

I think a big reason why vans have side doors on the passenger side is so passengers don’t step out into oncoming traffic if the van is parked on the side of the road.


You need the curb side main door, but having a second door (on the other side) is not a bad thing.