Banana Van Adventures


Hi all! We are Daniel & Rachel Messick of Banana.van.adventures! We’re in the US and have been full time Vanlifers since August 2018. We mostly go around in our DIY 2003 Dodge Sprinter van to Tiny Home Festivals to get to know others in the community and talk to people considering going Tiny about the lifestyle and build. We are especially passionate about sharing the joys and struggles of being a couple living in 77 sq ft and traveling full time.

We were excited to find this community and get to know everyone! !


Greetings & Welcome!

Much more emphasis needs to be put on the struggles and downside’s because the pictures the promoters tend to paint are mostly fiction, and their advice is based on how much money they can make, rather than on better choices.

How are you supporting your lifestyle? Mainly I’m doing remote computer repairs these days, but during the warmer weather, I also do in person home & business repairs. I made more money selling ebooks, but I like the rewards of more personal contacts.


"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." ~Benjamin Franklin


Welcome to the community Daniel & Rachel…

We’re excited to get to know you as well!


Great question! Daniel has a woodworking business and sells his crafts at shows and also online on our website. He has his workshop in a 7x14 trailer that we could tow with us, but we generally leave it on a piece of property and come back every few months to stock up supplies and then load them in the van and hit the road again! I (Rachel) am currently applying for remote recruiter (since I was an HR manager until 4 months ago) and customer service experience positions that just require basic internet and a phone! (Sometimes companies require a Bachelor’s degree, but not always!).

Our monthly expenses to live on the road full time typically averages about $1,600/ mo (this includes health insurance, car insurance, food, gas, etc) so between both of these part time jobs we should be able to stay fully funded on the road from anywhere!

We definitely don’t mind sharing any real life info to help others trying to decide what will work for them!