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Hey y’all, I’m currently in Kentucky and wanting to learn about the van life. I plan to travel the US and visit places I’ve never seen before.


Greetings & Welcome!

The best way to start this lifestyle, or any other, is with an income, and the knowledge & knowhow to create an instant income anytime & anywhere. Life isn’t free, and money will solve most problems.

For my homes on wheels, I tend to start with a cost vs. benefits analysis. Generally I want all or most of the benefits of a house, apartment, or luxury motorhome, without the cost. I have accomplished this with dirt cheap vans, buses, step vans, and motorhomes.

For me, this choice largely depends on what’s available & cheap. I know I can do a full conversion for a few hundred dollars, and very quickly. A van is big enough if I’m by myself, but even then, bigger can be better and far more comfortable. I will gladly sacrifice a little gas mileage for comfortability, and I can always tow a cheap fuel efficient rig for a run about.

Reliability is high on my priority list too, which is why I prefer pre-computerized, pre-smog control vehicles for myself.

Even though I am frequently a city dweller, I don’t care about supposed stealth. What I want is as many windows as possible for the view, the light, the ventilation, and more. Windows have far more benefits than drawbacks.

I typically spend no more than $2,500 all in for a safe, road ready, move in ready vehicle, and frequently the price is under $1,000. I like to start saving money starting with the initial purchase, and continuing for as long as I own a vehicle. Maintenance is important though, and not the place to penny pinch.

I try to keep the cost under a month or two worth of rent so they pay for themselves very quickly. Using my methods, it is not uncommon for me to sell these rigs for thousands more than I have invested in them.

Lastly I keep an emergency fund large enough to cover any needed repairs, total replacement of everything, and 6 months worth of living expenses. This gives me total peace of mind.


"It has been said that the secret to success is
learning how to do more with less and in the
simplest way possible." ~ Wise Words Wiki


Also in KY, Louisville area. 51yo female attempting to talk my husband into doing this part time for now but would love to make it more of a lifestyle after we retire.

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Greetings !

Hopefully your husband will at least give it a try. Keep in mind that this lifestyle isn’t for everybody though, and don’t hold it against him if it isn’t his cup of tea.

With some couples, one will wander, and the other will join in occasionally, or the wanderer will only do it solo part time. I like to believe there are always work arounds to keep everybody happy.


"Not having an emergency fund, is an emergency!" ~ Rubber Tramp

Check out the Meetup app for Caravans Meetup(dot)com/caravans, a virtual zoom call put on by Homes on Wheels Alliance (a 501.C non profit) that takes place 3 days a week that specifically caters to people who have their homes on wheels.

MIAMISAMMY #VanlifeSummit

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