Baby step to van conversion


Hi there. my name is paul and me and my friends we are looking to convert a van into a moving house for our summer and winter trips.To be more spesific we want put inside the basic things such as some beds and a couch maybe and a small fridge will be nice.We dont need luxury just a good place to sleep on our trips without the need to use a tent.We are 7 people and we are trying to find the fitest van to buy. I was looking IN MERSEDEZ BEND SPRINTER but later i found the IVECO DAILY a more suitable choise.I forgot to tell you that i am from greece were we have hot summers and cold winters(not so cold as the winter in alaska but you can say its cold in winter).I am looking for suggetions for what to buy and what to do with the interior because here in greece we dont have many people that convert their vans.Also we are looking for a used van in a good condition.We dont have a big budget (around 5000 all the money ) but i have found some good deals. such as

I am looking for any hellp possible to buy and convert the van.
thank you



Bad choice in vehicles. You need something bigger and wider, something like a bus. Something with windows so people can enjoy the view while driving, something big enough to accommodate 7 sleeping people, PLUS 7 seats for while driving. You want something wide enough and tall enough that you can put 3 bunk beds across the back, then 3 on each side in a U shape. If some of you are partners, the ones across the back could be double beds. The bottom bunks will actually be on the floor to get them 3 high.

Forward of the beds, you could have a kitchen on one side, and a toilet/shower on the other side. At the front put 2 long couches on either side, with seat belts. To do that, you’re going to need at least 20 feet behind the driver, and that’s only allowing for 4 feet on either side for the kitchen and bathroom. Plenty for the bathroom, but small for a kitchen. Storage under the couches, and overhead storage above the couches and kitchen.

You’re still going to be cramped with that many people, but that’s about as small as I can picture to actually make it work.


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thanks for the help.

But here you cant find small school buses and if you find it will be very expensive.Also i dont want toiler/shower because we dont have the money to do something like this yet.i think tha i will have to couches on the back that they will transformed into one big bed.Also we will put wood plates above the couches and we will create a bed above them
also 2-3 more couches that will transform into beds. the ideal car is something like this. I dont want it to live months in the car. As i have it in my mind i want it for 1 or 2 weeks trips.
the way i think for the beds is like this family in those photos

Also the iveco daily has a high top so you have more space for the beds
here is the link from this van build . (i only like the way the make the bed)
For kitchen i will have a portable kitchen with gas that you will set it up outside to cook anything you want.
I am just trying to get it started with this project so after the first trips to learn from our mistakes and made i better
thank you


They have the passenger versions of those same vans, and the seat backs can fold down to make it one huge bed in the back.


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Ela kalhmera filos, just wanna say that more and more ppl decide to move in wheel houses cuz the taxes and ofcourse the ability of freedom, im one of those ppl who will live and build own CamperVan, its not easy i already have a mini van and i traveld around and lived insite and was cool to have some home to say in one spot that noone knows and havent seen.
Good luck and if ur capable to invest less and be more creative with ur mind ull success
Kalh tixi antrope:)


hi there. yes we are a few here in greece. you said if i invest less. but i dont even know if 5000 will be enough money. always trying to find the cheapest way



If you’re in an area that has rust problems, try to get an older van from an area without rust problems. They can be found cheap. Even buses.


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I am a builder based out of Los Angeles and would be happy to help you with your project. If it is overall design, electrical, or construction.

In my experience you can get all of the materials you need for a build for under $3000. Electrical will cost around $1300 for all parts including panels and batteries. The rest of it is making yourself comfortable. If you need help or someone to bounce ideas off of, you have definitely come to the right place!!

Good luck!


Thank you. I will contact you when i wioo buy them. I hope soon. I was thinking to put air conditioning because here in greece we got hot summers. What dou you think is the cheapest way to put electrics for air-conditioning and a small fridges for beers and smaks


Thank you again for your help . Also i was looking this van
I want to put couches on the back and portable beds and some seats in front with a portable table maybe. Also a small fridge to keep the beers and some snacks cold. I dont have a lot money. So as cheap as possible is the best way to go.

Thanks for the help



Be sure to check the laws where you’re at, and everywhere you plan to travel, because in many places it is illegal for passengers to ride in the back of anything but a passenger vehicle do to safety regulations.


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ooo. i didnt kniw that. i will look at it definitly.But i think in greece we are fine. but i will look it up to be sure. For know i am trying to raise the money for the ven. wish me luck :smiley:



Sounds like a good time to start working on your money making skills. It’s never too soon to learn how to make money in as many ways as possible. Jobs aren’t as stable as they once were, and having alternate ways of making money as a backup plan is always a good idea. It can also come in really handy if you need extra money for a project, an emergency, or any other reason.

I’m happy to wish you good luck, but when all else fails, make your own luck!


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A three cylinder diesel is prime. Plenty of efficient power with great fuel economy and you can get 900.000 Km with the proper care by some who knows what they are doing

A good battery bank and generator would take care of any of your power needs. Solar is great and I love it but it is expensive for how in efficient it is at this point.

I second the seat belt thing. As long as you use approved seats, restraints, and mounts you’ll be good