Awning vs. no awning

Hopefully in about a month I’ m going to be the first time on the road with (for now, for a start) a factory built campervan. From southern Switzerland to northern Europe.
I was wondering about who has and who has no awning built on the van. Pros and cons?!
Thank, hope to meet many of you on the road.

We have a moon shade and we like it a lot but barely use it. As for the affixed ones, you really need to park in a very specific direction for them to give you shade. Most of which you already have on that side if you just position the van right anyway. I haven’t had any experience with them in the rain so that could be a plus.

My advice, get a moon shade or a tarp. both of which can double as a lean-to or be attached on any side of the van.

The super expensive affixed ones in my opinions do not provide much more value other than they are permanently affixed to the van. In the long run it may keep costing you more as it likely has some effect on gas mileage as well.

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Thank you very much Bretly. That really answered my question and my searching a reason for it. Many of my friends, not camper people, tell me to absolutely get one and I don’t have a good feeling about it.
The Moon Shade look really nice and I’m free to set it up or not have it at all.

I use a large awning. It doubles the living space of the van and allows me to cook and sit outside in places I wouldn’t without the awning.

Thank you Axel. That has a nice feel about it too. Since I’m starting soon and am following a few camper people on Instagram, I noticed that most don’t have an Awning. But you got a good point there.

If you do get an awning, get something that’s heavy-duty so you don’t have to worry as much when it’s windy. Makes a difference.