Awning / Sun Shade for vans


I’m working on a project and would love some feedback

Seems there are NOT a lot of good options for vans when it comes to a sun shade / awning. Would people buy a sun shade if it was easy to install, no hardware, packs easy and is reasonably priced?



Hmmm… Good question… So I’ll take a stab at it…

It’s super easy to make an awning out of any tarp and some tent poles. Some people buy the dining canopies which are essentially the same thing.

Most vandwellers are cheapskates because they’ve already been burned on a lot of expensive garbage, which also makes them gun shy.

VW was successful at selling both awning and tent kits. Screen rooms are a thing. One cheap product that fits all vans, and does all things could be a hit.


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good feedback, thx! it super easy with tent poles and such…be cool to have something that could deal with some wind…most dont and people put away



With guy lines and stakes, they stay put well. I made my own tent poles out of electrical conduit, very sturdy, then I have a variety of stakes including some spiral ones, to cover any type of ground, and it’ll stay put during a hurricane. (It has!)

Also, if you use shade cloth, it will let a breeze through but cut the sun.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller