Aussie just starting1st van build

Hi I am from West Oz and purchased a Ford Transit earlier this year which was a bus.
Affectionately named Boris.
We have bought some things for him and have mapped out how we are going to install everything.
Which was tough as there are so many great builds and ideas out there, thank you for all the info the community shares.
We have a trip to the states soon and when we return his fitout will start and his Instagram profile :wink:, really excited to get it underway.
Have a great day guys.


Sounds awesome. Transits are a nice size for a build. What were your plans in the back with the sideways opening double doors?

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Awesome…! I have a older 1996 Iveco Daily I’m going to be converting in Western Australia and he will also be getting the Instagram treatment…! If you give us your Instagram I’ll chuck you a follow.


Where in the states are you guys headed?

Yeah! Let us know where in the states you’ll be headed!

Hi. Sorry for late response but life. We will be in Chicago, Madison W and the off to Hawaii.

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Hi, Chicago, Madison W and then Hawaii some .

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Will do…it’s on my huge to do list.

We will leave them as is but the bottom section of the doors we will replace with timber, hinged and set the inside up for storage for tool kit repair items. I will insulate it as well to avoid heat and cut vents into the timber.
We also have a rear air conditioner that we are still to make decision about…Keep vs remove.

Sounds like a pretty solid plan. Goodluck on your journey!

Let us know how it goes :smile: