Artist Vanlifers (present and future) #VanLifeSummit

I’m a watercolor and digital artist!

Any other artists here?
What kind of art do you make?
How do you setup your space for making art?
Would love to hear your suggestions for a future vanlifer! :slight_smile:

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part time van life - I am a woodcarver (hand tools). I split between teaching classes, selling tools at shows and going to art/craft shows and some music festivals. Working in the van is easy … and I can replenish my wood supply at the shows. I have a pull out desk that I can carve on and paint … and also go to rest stops and parks to work. (People love to stop by and see what I’m doing).

I also join maker spaces etc if I need larger shop tools, saws …

I also run my web site WhittlingShack and am able to ship orders from the van.

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Very cool! Thank you for sharing! I’ll check out your site!

I would love to find other artists that were interested in doing. series of shows/festivals in a row … kinda … lets all meet at this next one etc. We could promote our schedule and set up next to each other VAN LIFE ARTISTS / MAKERS group etc … are there people doing this? Anyone interested in this?


That would be so amazing, CJ!
Are you also an artist?

Hi Ivory and CJ! I’m also an artist looking to buy and build out my own campervan. I’m a videographer & editor who would absolutely love to meet up with fellow van life artists on the road! I’m estimating it’ll take me a year, but I’m hopeful and excited! Feel free to find me @michelinaartist on socials.

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Hi Michelina! Very exciting! We should definitely trade tips when the building process happens! I’m a photographer, too, so I have plenty of camera gear :sweat_smile:

Looking you up now, I’m on instagram as ivory_ocean and my website is linked in my profile
Let’s keep in touch!!


i’m a future truck camper currently part time tent dwelling and living with others as i save. i do drawing and mandala art, play music (kalimba, space drum), write poetry and do spoken word, crochet, body painting, make felt items, nature and car photography, hand sew, write zines, create herbal smokes, anointing oils and bath salts, alter clothing and make jewelry. i LOVE and LIVE creating. everything is organized in bags so i can grab the bag i need and i intend to keep it that way in my truck so i can grab the bag to take to the place where i’ll be creating, be it a table outside my truck, a cafe or library, or the home i’m staying in. i have an interest in craft and zine fairs, and festivals. would love to connect with other artists. nomadbaglady on IG

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Hi!! :slight_smile:
Bags seem like a great way to organize everything!

oh my goddness i love them, so portable and stylish. :slight_smile:

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Artist, Oil, acrylic, mixed media. No on the road experience to share yet as I dont take possession to my new van for another week. I intend on developing a water color/mixed media based practice while in the van. Im not intending on living in my van full time. I want to disconnect/make art/think/just hang out while not surrounded by brick. I’ll be watching this thread… cheers, Jack

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Hi Jack! Awesome artwork! I really like “Dance Memory” and the Ephemeral Masses!

I’m planning for fulltime, but art is my passion, so I’ll be making space for it :slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing your mobile studio!

Thanks for following the thread!
Cheers, Jane