Argentinian couple says: ¡Hola!


We’re not native english speakers, but we’ll do our best.

We’re María & Juan, an argentinian cuople in our mid 20’s grounded in Argentina for now. We took a shot last semestre and travelled through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Perú working as advertising nomads. WE LOVED IT.

Now we’re back un Buenos Aires hoping to finish our university studies, to get full-time for building our vanhouse, bushouse or tiny house trailer.

So my first question is: which option would you recommend for living 24/7, working with computers and avoiding campsites as much as posible? Or which are the pros and cons of those un your experience?

On the other side we wanna say hi to everyone and congratulate all the brave hearts who already live this life. It’s something new for us and not so common in Argentina so far.

Hope one day we reach North America to visit the members of this community and one day Europe, to visit members grounded there. It’s free to Drean high hahaha!

Thanks for ur time.
Looking foward to know all members.

María & Juan

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I’m guessing that you are asking about which vehicle we recommend for your situation ?

Sorry that part was a little unclear.

Right! Sorry for my english. My question is about which vehicle would you recommend in your experience or knowledge about the subject