Are people using the JP Combi Hot Water & Heaters (Truma) in North America?

I haven’t seen anything mentioned about the JP Combi Heaters (they are a bit like a Chinese Truma). They are becoming popular in the UK, Australia and maybe parts of Europe. Probably one of the better manufacturers of Chinese Heaters (LPG & Diesel) as they have been supplying a lot of the Chinese Heavy Goods Vehicle market for some years.

Here is a bit about them (I have no connections to them although I do have a JP Diesel Combi Heater fitted in my vehicle).

I know some Chinese suppliers don’t get good reviews but I have to say this looks to be a very well made unit, JP have been making vehicle heaters for over 20 years. So far its working great, I have had it installed for around 5 months and I cant fault it. It provides excellent heating, bags of hot water and is surprisingly quiet. I’ve connected it directly to my diesel tank, I am diesel and electric throughout and don’t use any LPG.

Gas or Diesel: You have the choice as JP make both. What is interesting is that the Truma Diesel version is a lot more expensive than their LPG version, if I am, not mistaken its about double the price. However the JP versions are the same price.

Price: The price of the Truma (Diesel) is around $950 ( USD ) Plus shipping.

Compatibility: The parts appear to be compatible (maybe identical) with the Truma. No doubt you would invalidate the Truma warranty but if anyone has a Truma heater out of warranty that needs parts then it may be worth finding out more.

JP Combi Hot Air and Hot Water Heater