Anyone ever consider swapping their van for a house stay?

Hi all! I don’t have a van but really want to rent one to visit some old pals on the west coast. (I’m in Texas). The thing is, camper van rentals are pretty expensive! Would be cheaper for me to stay in a hotel or fly. I have a pretty big and nice house and thought to myself… maybe someone living the van life would want to take a break for a few weeks and be domestic? Is a house swap a la “The Holiday” (but with a van) a crazy idea?

Idk, might be a nice trade off. I get to scratch my van life itch and the other person gets to be domestic rent free! Would any of you consider this?


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Not me, but you might find someone who is interested.

Rental companies, and private parties too, sometimes need vehicles delivered from point a to point b. This is how a friend gets paid to travel cross country.


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Rental is reall expensive since i also comes with insurance but try searching on facebook for private pals who could rent their RV in your state.