Any USA Vanlifers have a slide out put in?


Curious if anyone has added a slide out to their van. I have talked to various RV shops and none of them want to touch such a conversion.


What do you mean by a slide out?? I have a kitchen in the back that is like slide out drawers. Works perfect. Saves a heap of space.


My Bad. By Slide Out I am referring to having a whole wall of the camper slide out. Like you find on big RV’s and Travel Trailers. Winnebago has one on their Sprinter model. I was looking to see if anyone had put one of these in after market.


Sounds interesting. I have not got that happening in my van. Would it be expensive to instal??


Check this out.




Now that’s insane !!! :heart_eyes:

What’s it called?


To Thomas_magee post…

No clue on cost. I was hoping someone out there in #vanlife has had it done.


I’ve never seen anyone do it before either.
Would be super amazing to find someone though. I’ll try and look into it .


I think for the money you would spend having that installed, you would want consider just buying one of those campers you just posted. That’s a massive install to have done on a stock van. If your need more space, consider buying something bigger. People get really fixated on buying vans, but if it’s too small, then it’s just too small.

I loved in a minivan for a bit and had a great time, but decided it was too small for me and my wife. We upgraded to a 26ft. bus and couldn’t be happier. Good ratio of livability and driveability for us.


I have arrived at a similar decision. I’m going to go with a Tahoe and a 20-23 foot trailer. The Tahoe will be my Trailhead Car and the trailer my basecamp.