Any University Student Vanlifers?


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Hey Everyone!
So happy I found this crazy community! Anybody out there who is or has been a university student van lifer? I live in Vancouver, Canada, where rent is outrageous. Not wanting to dig myself into a deep pit of student debt I have decided to take the income I will make this summer and buy a van. I’m thinking of getting a mini van like an Odyssey or Grand Caravan, I have already had my fair share of heart ache and mechanic bills from buying beater cars, I just want something reliable, and not totally obvious that I am living out of it.
Any advice from anyone about being full-time student and living out of a van??
Thanks so much!


Hi Andrea,
This is awesome you should totally go for it! I am also a full time student living in the Bay Area where rent is also way to expensive! Already got a van and planning on being full time in July. I have a couple friends that go to school and lives in their van as well and they love it! I think it’s all about being organized and plan ahead if you need internet connection. Good luck :smile:


That’s what I have! Bought it with 150000 miles and so far so good! Haven’t had it long, but from everything I’ve heard, they’re super reliable cars!

And that is my favorite thing about it, it’s a total stealth camper! Nobody can tell you’re living in it from the outside!

I don’t have any expierience about going to school while living in a van, but I know people do it, and I think it’s an awesome decision!


I spoke to this girl on our IG DMs who lived in her van and also went to university or collage (i forgot which one).
Anyways, she was telling me how much she loved it. she was able to park her home right outside her school and would be saving a ton of money to help pay off her education.

I forgot her username, otherwise I would try and get you guys in touch.


Hey Andrea! I’m thinking of continuing my studies out in Vancouver as well, starting in 2019. I’ve lived there one summer 8 years ago, and it was the only time in my life I was in a deficit by the end of the summer with spending vs earnings, hah! So this time around I’d like to avoid that and it seems there is a growing community of vanlifers there. I’m planning on attending SFU if all works out. Would love to hear how it’s going for you as you go along. All the best!