Any Rentals Near Me?

Hello, My name is Jonas new to the group.
GF is having her Bday in August and we are looking to rent a conversion van for about 4 nights.
This will be a great experience for us to see if this is the life we want. I have been looking all over Sacramento/San Fran area to find a rental but with no luck.
Does anyone know of a rental company out there near us?
Thank you.

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There was a post from someone in the San Fran area on here at some stage. Have a read through the forum. They may have a van, or a friend with a van.

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Thanks Henry
These are two I did not find.

No problem. If those are no help. Let me know and I will find you some more :blush:

There’re a few place where you can rent campers in California:

  • Escape Campers
  • Whicked Campers (great experience with this company)
  • lost campers (personally, I had a terrible experience with this company and I wouldn’t recommend it)

Enjoy !

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Let us know which company you end up going with and please post about your experience with them on our reviews category. So it can be referenced to in the future.

I always see the rentable “Jucy” vans on my travels! Those might be worth checking out!

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Thanks everyone, I wanted a full size Van (sprinter, transit) I’m thinking I will go with outervan. They seem legit!!
Special thanks to Vancraft for the find.

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Make sure you post a review about them in the ‘Reviews’ category. Would love to hear about your experience for future reference