Another Vanlifer in southern Oregon!

Hi everybody,

My name is Brandon and I’ve been living in my van for a little bit over a year now! Last May, I ripped the seats out of my 03 Astro, through a makeshift bed frame in, and left Colorado to go snowboarding to Mt. Hood, OR for the summer and just about never left! Over the past year I’ve mainly been based out of a town in southern Oregon called Grants Pass but have also moved around to San Luis Obispo, CA, Bozeman, MT, and even went back to Colorado for a small bit!

Now I’m back in southern Oregon working as a farm hand and staying in my buddy’s guest house while I really build out the van and make it a bit more livable. My plan is to head to the coast for the rest of the summer and beach bum it once I get the build finished out and solve all the problems, which is exactly why I’m here! I look forward to asking questions, finding answers, helping others and getting to know the people involved in this online community, heck, maybe a few of us up here in the PNW could even meet up one day and have a little staycation on the coast or something!

Greetings & Welcome!

There are frequently many great gatherings in WA, OR, & ID. Being stuck in Southern Florida in the summer, and Northern Minnesota in the winter, I have been severely missing them. Sometime in the next year I hope to be able to return to the PNW. The lakes & forests are among my favorite places.


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