Another Newbie Intro Post. (UK) Where do I start?!

Introduce Yourself…

Hi, I’m Emma :slight_smile: I currently live in Norfolk in the UK with my husband. We both currently work from home and are looking to give van life a go. Neither of us have any experience with camper vans (or cars for that matter tbh, we can both drive but the inner workings are a mystery) but we like giving things a go and learning new skills. And we are already fairly minimalist so a small space shouldn’t be an issue for us.

The main things I’ve been wondering are:

  • Do you lovely peeps have any recommendations on where to look for a van? I’ve used auto trader and stuff in the past, but never with much luck.
  • Are there any specific vans you would recommend for the UK? (Cheap, easy to get hold of, easy to find parts for etc.)
  • And finally, Are there any UK specific vehicle regulations or insurances that I should be aware of or look into? (I know you aren’t allowed to sleep in your vehicle just anywhere, regardless of the type of vehicle it is :roll_eyes: but we’ll see about that :sweat_smile:)

Thanks in advance!

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Greetings & Welcome!

I’m in the USA, so not much help, but did want to welcome you.


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I would check im pretty sure they are UK based

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks @HenryCooper I’ll take a look!

I’m in the USA as well. I’m just stopping by to say welcome! I look forward to hearing about your journey!


I’m guessing your young therefore 3.5t max.

Best van at the moment is the fiat Ducato / pug boxer / Citroen relay. L3/4 h2 One of few van that really accommodates 1.8m bed transverse. 10k+ for a decent one.

Secondly new shape crafter better made nice 2.0tdi engine wide load space. 13k +

I’d avoid sprinters - rust and transits - narrow.

I’ve brought a movano cheap 2k because it has 40k on the clock.

Not as wide so making a cut out in lining for feet.

What about a lo loader van much more shape and square so easier to fit out. Not so so good for narrow country lanes though.

Cheers James