An owner named Renata and a van named Rosie

hi project vanlife : )
greetings from Hungary! i want to introduce myself, Renata and my van, Rosie!

i am a happy owner of Rosie since october 2020. some basic information about her, she is:

  • a Volkswagen transporter t5, high roof, 1.9 tdi diesel model
  • 16 years old (2004)
  • and yellow :sun_with_face:

also, some fun things about me:

  • i am Hungarian, though i have lived in Ireland and the Netherlands :hungary: :ireland: :netherlands:
  • i have travelled to more than 20 countries so far :earth_asia:
  • international travelling = international friends circle :dancer: :man_dancing:
  • i am vegetarian, an animal lover and a gender equality specialist.

i am building Rosie up as my full-time home in the following months, so I will be in need of some experienced tips! also i hope i can connect with like-minded people from this community! : )

Greetings & Welcome!

You came to the right place, lots of good people here.

Iโ€™ve done winters down to -60 and summers up to +123 comfortably in my vans or motorhomes. I have lived on the road by choice since right out of high school, working 30 years as a traveling construction worker, and now I make even more money working for myself. 47+ years and counting, and Iโ€™ve rarely regretted my choices. I plan to continue as long as possible.

Weโ€™re glad youโ€™re here, and look forward to your participation.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

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