Amenities for Potential Van Life Community

Hi there! I live in the Central Rockies and am building out a Van Life community that will accommodate short term and long term Van Lifers. I am working through site plans, engineering and other items but wanted to reach out to this group to learn more about specific must have amenities, both common amenities and site specific?

Below is a list of potential amenities, nothing is set in stone so feel free to throw out all of your needs, wants and dreams…

Site Specific Amenities:

  • Electrical (any minimum requirements)
  • Water
  • Sewer - given location next to river can’t have site specific for sewer connections, but will have common dump station.
  • Picnic Area
  • What else???

Common Amenities:

  • Common Shower Room and Bath Facilities
  • Community Garden (Zone 4B, so short season)
  • Common Hot Springs in River (if the geo allows for)
  • Common meeting room/work center
  • Common laundry facilities
  • Common deck
  • Propane sales
  • Community tool check out
  • Common WiFi to community
  • Community fire pit/ring as fire conditions allow for.
  • What else???
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Greetings & Welcome!

Seems like a pretty good list to me.


"There are those who learn, and those who wish they had learned." ~ Good2Know

  • Area for volley ball, badminton…

  • Some parking spaces further apart and some closer together.

I’ll add more if I think of any.

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