Alpicool C9 Cool Down

I got my C9 yesterday. I saw that you’re supposed to cool down the electric coolers before you leave for a trip. It doesn’t say how long?? Ill be hooking it up to my solar. While it is on solar I will be using ecomode. It has 3 settings. High 12V…Medium 11.5V…Low 9V. Which of these do I use to get the most out of the solar?


Forget about the solar part, the important part is maintaining the proper temperature inside the fridge. I think 38°-40° is what’s recommended.


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You will probably end up using high. In my experience in the two different fridges I’ve had this setting is for battery protection.

The cheaper fridge it just wouldn’t work on anything but high as the voltage always read lower than what it was. On our dometic we have it on low and have had no issues.

Also you don’t need to cool it before you go, it just helps save power. It helps if everything you put in is already cold.

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If I do pre-cool my fridge it’s usually because I don’t have room in the house fridge for my supplies and in not heading out for a few days.

If I can, I use the drive to the store to cool it and put the groceries right in before heading home or to camp.

I run my fridge off my solar and it works great.