Air Conditioners

Have any of you tried these? I have a 300 watt solar generator with a 100 watt solar panel. Will they work?


You don’t have enough power to run either one of those for longer than about an hour, and neither is enough BTU’s to make much difference. I would suggest at least 10k BTU. For comparison, the dash a/c is probably 30k+ BTU’s.

Effective a/c is going to require shore power or a real generator. There are many other options available though. Many will use some form of evaporative cooling, or ice. Misting fans can also be effective. 12v & USB heating/cooling blankets & seat cushions work too, along with battery/rechargeable clothing.

Swamp coolers and Frogg Toggs type cooling wraps that come in many different brands & styles, seem to be the most popular choices. Hats, necks, wrists, and ankles are popular choices for them, but some people also prefer the larger cooling towels/wraps.

For spot cooling, a simple fan and a frozen bottle of water can work wonders. Feet in cold water can chill your whole body very quickly too. For sleeping, non powered blankets are also available, as well as pet cooling pads. Peltier powered heat pumps are another low power option.

Any fan can be converted into an evaporative cooler using dollar store parts too.

As you can see, there are many low power & no power, yet very effective options available.


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You just gave me an idea! If it works ill be back!

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