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We are Freddy and Marianne from Connecticut. We are in our 70’s, and not athletic (at all) but very interested to read your posts until more than one of us gets psyched ! Yes, the psyched one would be me! I’m thinking that we should rent a drive-able for a while as we decide if making this drastic a change works for both of us.

We are Very interested in Airstream Atlas, new and used, ready to sell the condo and make the commitment. I’ll be “the driving force” behind this life style change and we have no one to turn to. Hope we see lots of reply’s and support here. Thanks for being here.

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Greetings & Welcome!

It can be a great life and lifestyle. I became a full timer right out of high school, working as a traveling construction worker. Now, at the age of 75, I’m still enjoying the lifestyle.

For two people, I would suggest a Class C. A Class B will feel terribly cramped. For me, besides a good kitchen & bathroom, is a permanent bed(s) that won’t need set-up every night, and an extremely comfortable place to sit all day long. There are always days of foul weather, where you’ll just want to hang out inside all day long. On those days, comfortable seating for all is a real blessing.

I would definitely suggest trying it out before going all in. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and if you’re not both all in, it will likely not be very enjoyable.

While many like to brag about free camping, most of those places are pretty unenjoyable to most people. They’re extremely remote, and over terrible roads. The better places have pay campgrounds.

Check out the “America The Beautiful” passes, they can save you a lot of money. KOA and others have campgrounds around the country as well.


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rent a van and try it. if both of you are not on board, it is a recipe for disaster. try easing into it. take the time to get yourselves fit and with that you will get extra energy, health, and a new found zest for life. then she might say, “hey, lets go on a long extended road trip!”

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