Afraid but hopeful

Introduce Yourself…

Hello everyone. Hopefully this becomes a positive space for me, but I recently bought a Ford Transit and now I’m in the process of figuring out how much it’ll cost to convert it. I’m debating if things like renovations would be possible as I want to get the bare necessities in the van before I dive further into conversion. I’m currently looking for a remote finance job to support me during this time.

My (albeit a bit lofty) intentions are to travel the U.S. Going to each state, park, and city and hopefully meeting new people, making some good friends, learning about life, becoming more spiritual, and a better well rounded person.



Sounds like we are in the same position. I am watching videos and trying to figure things out. Like how to I keep my prescriptions, and package receiving. I only have SS for an income. And I have an HHR (yikes). May sell it and get a good but inexpensive van. Good luck my friend!