Advice on Wi-Fi Boosters and Dog Cam

Hello, all. I’m brand new to this forum. I’m having a 2019 Mercedes 144 4x4 converted into a weekend van for my dog and me. I’m trying to figure out the whole Wi-fi thing. I understand the Weboost. I have one in my SUV. When I am away from my van and my dog is in there by himself*, I want a way to be able to see him with a video-cam. I also want to be able to monitor the internal temperature with a Temp Stick. I have two cell phones and I suppose I could leave one of them in the van when I’m not there and use it as a Wi-fi hotspot for the cam and Temp Stick. Are there options that make more sense than this? Is a Mifi the way to go? Or, is the Winegard Connect 2.0 4G2 a better option? The web site says that it is pay as you go, but I can’t seem to find any information on actual pricing of the plans. Also, what do you all consider the best signal booster to be? I’m not impressed with the performance of my Weboost in my SUV. If Winegard is the way to go, I guess it handles the boosting too. I would really appreciate any information you might have. Thanks!

*Please don’t worry about temperature issues. I have a 400 ah 24 V Lithium-Ion battery bank and a Dometic Penguin II a/c unit that will keep my dog cool when I’m not in the van. He will never be in there more than a couple of hours without me.

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Hi! We don’t use one currenty as our cell service hasn been inconsistent throughout our two years of travel. We have a.c as well but try not to leave our pup unattended if the temps are high. Our inverter failed once and the a.c shut down, so we were reminded that nothing is a sure thing.
I am interested to hear what you decided to go with and how it works for you

Your biggest issue will be having WiFi inside the van, so I’m guessing leaving a phone would be the best option, but that certainly means figuring out the boost/router/signal issues first.

That said, as someone who has traveled everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) with a dog for the past 7years… why is the dog stuck in the van while you’re not??

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Is the best way to get your dog to come with you everywhere you go is to get them certified as service dogs? Or do you just travel to places where they are allowed? I want to bring my puppers along but leaving them in car is out of the question. Just trying to figure out how I can make that possible

you can use a phone with a cheap data plan as a router for the wifi dog camera :slight_smile:
use your phone to become a hot spot!

do have some toys and stuff for ur dog to play with in the van, and i guess you already ensure the temperature is comfortable :smiley:

I use a ‘mifi’ router from Huawei and and extarnal antenna on the roof, works really well ! One time in Montenegro I didn’t had any signal on our phones, but we had 2 bars of 4g on the Mifi ! :smile:

I would do a bit different approach:

Our company uses those at remote customer locations or temporary setups where fixed line is not possible to have. Such as construction sites or video surveillance or remote buildings. On that site one use scenario mentioned is those installed in city buses providing free WiFi for passengers.

I’d quess overkill is a proper way to describe one. More features than I can figure out uses for. Despite being robust and well featured, at least here the retail price doesn’t differ much from what I paid for my Asus AC68 home router few years ago.

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