Advice on Bucket Removal

Hey guys,

This might not be a question for most people to have input on as I have looked at many of the van options and I am dead set on getting an E350 with the 7.3L diesel.

That being said I have noticed something while looking around. The E350 bucket truck vans. They always have incredibly low mileage and I have found one for an amazing deal. At first glance it looks like the bucket system could be removed fairly “easily.” I understand the bucket system will be incredibly heavy and need to be supported as the bucket is torched off but I think I could figure that out.

The system would leave a big hole in the roof once removed. No problem because I planned on cutting the roof out to install an extension anyway.

So my real question here is: has anyone on here ever attempted to remove the bucket from a van for a conversion?

Also to any mechanics that have worked on a bucket truck. Is the bucket system fairly self contained or is it intertwined into the other systems of the vehicle?

Anyway, I think these bucket trucks might be a great buy if this removal is fairly simple.