Advice Needed - A/C to Inverter

Hi! I am in the process of purchasing a mini-skoolie and it has a pretty awesome A/C set up that is currently set to work off shore power. The van also has an inverter that powers everything else off of 12V from propane or a generator…and I’ll be putting in solar panels to get away from the propane. WHat is the best combo/set up to get the a/c to be powered off of the solar panels? ANY advice about setting that up or equipment is greatly appreciated!!


Could you post a picture of the current setup

With 1000-1400W of solar panels, you can power a small 5k BTU aircon unit during peak sunshine hours.

To get some timeshifting, an expensive, huge and heavy battery bank might buy you a few hours.

But outside of that mains power or a genny are required, it’s just too much energy use for an affordable solar setup.

Same with electric kitchen appliances, anything that produces heat, unless like a like a little microwave only used a few minutes per day.

Better to stick with propane for cooking.

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