Advice for Alaska?!

Introduce Yourself…

Hi everyone! I’m Kathleen and I’m new to this group :v:t4:. I’ve been part time van dwelling for about two years now. I’m a seasonal worker and so I’ll drive out to cool places and work for a season :minibus::dash:. Last year I worked in Yellowstone National Park and next month I’m head off to Seward, Alaska for a couple months! Couldn’t be more excited.
My home on wheels is a Ford Econoline e250! She’s very basic with the solar panel, bed, wood flooring, storage and a portable toilet lol! I hope she brings me many more adventures and opportunities in the future :slight_smile: so glad to meet everyone!

**ADVICE: would love some recommendations on what to do/see in or around Seward? I’ve been doing some research but sometimes you can find better/more remote places through the people themselves. Thanks and van on!! :v:t4::evergreen_tree::yellow_heart:

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Greetings & Welcome!

My two “go to’s” are locals, and googling “area attractions”. Sometimes I’ll add the distance I’m willing to travel.

We’ll look forward to hearing more from you.


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