Adventure CAT (fulltime)

CATS CAN TRAVEL! Happy 5 months on the road, Millie!!! I can’t imagine how we ever lived in our van without her!

It IS possible to travel with pets. Millie was adopted while I was traveling in my van through Croatia and now she’s made it all the way to Turkey! So technically I just drove her to Asia! :joy_cat:

We have been astounded by how easy it is to Vanlife with a cat. It’s like they were made for this. Millie sleeps when we drive, and once we open the side door at a camping location, she slowly inspects the environment around us, making a perimeter of her temporary lawn. She always stays pretty close to the van and comes when we call her back with a whistle.

Cats can be territorial creatures, so if you can find a constant for them (like a vehicle) they recognize that as home and keep their eye on it. They are brilliant animals, and like their relatives (aka Lions) they can easily become nomadic if they have their pack with them (aka, human mom :wave:t4:).

Millie simply loves being outside; climbing, sniffing and leaping through the environment. If you have the opportunity to hike with your fur-baby or bring them on a trip with you (whether it’s a weekend or longer) it’ll be a definite adventure for the both of you! I can’t believe how quickly these 5 months with her have gone by!

Right now we’re driving to show her the balloons in Cappadocia! I’m sure I’ll have endless pics to share afterwards :wink:

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You are very fortunate, the vast majority of cats are terrified of riding in vehicles and never get over it.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

We prefer to take our cats with us while traveling.

That’s awesome. I completely agree, cats are a perfect companion for a van nomad, I have a main coone that loves the van life, I call him Tiberius, the camping kitty. Every day is a non-stop adventure for him and he has a constantly changing view that he can enjoy while sun bathing. I built a removable perch for him that mounts to the dash board so he gets a panoramic view. He knows that the van is his home and he always returns to it when I let him out go explore. If we are far enough from a road or other people, I will leave the side door open so he can come and go as he pleases. He even goes hiking with me, we have to go at a slower pace because Tiber likes to take his time to smell the flowers (literally), but he can do a 5 mile hike without a problem.
The only problem is that Tiber is very confident in himself so he will take the initiative to go exploring whenever he feels like it, I can’t tell you how awkward it is when your cat jumps out of the driver window that is only open 3 inches, while at the gas station and a police officer is at the next pump.

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