ADHD Medication on the Road

Hi! The #1 fear I have about starting van life is access to ADHD medication, which I’ve taken since I was in 2nd grade. I’ve lived in 6 different states, and it’s been a nightmare each time while working steady jobs in higher ed + healthcare benefits! Has anyone seen a blog/resource/have personal experience with accessing ADHD medications - controlled substances - while on the road? Not interested in general medical advice, as ADHD meds usually are the exception to general rules.

What insurance did you use, and what was it like getting meds? Did you have the shipped to an address of yours, and in what state (it’s not allowed in Colorado, where I currently live - and yes, I’ve verified with my current insurance). What are the costs you’ve experienced? Thanks in advance!

In Texas anyone can pick up my ADHD prescription with a valid ID (Texas is pretty strict too). I was going to maybe try to have a friend pick them up and ship them each month to somewhere im near. I havent taken off yet but this has been on my mind. Id only have to come back every 3-6 months for an in person visit.

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*valid ID and my address on file which doesnt have to match their ID. Just what i have on file, my birthday, and their ID

No you can’t get it shipped anywhere at all… If you find it shipped somewhere it’s highly likely to be fake or illegal.

I’ve been on adderall forever too. In Maryland, where my medical insurance is based, I’m required to visit my psych Dr every month which is some brand new b.s. I miss the days of paper scripts and quarterly visits, getting them filled at whatever pharmacy I’m at in whatever state I’m in at the time… That’s over though. You might find a telehealth physician but they will likely need to be based in your area where you are insured.

I’m not a traveler though. I’m in a van cuz I can’t afford housing…I pretty much stay within a 5 state radius so making it to my appointments isn’t an issue. I also need other medications so going to my appointments has to be a priority for me, just like any other person who had to prioritize their health.

It’s a pain in the ass, but really working out being in the same location one day out of every month is do-able. AND with the whole nationwide shortage of medications for ADHD going to the same pharmacy every month means it’s likely to be in stock when you need it.

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Ugh, they love throwing fresh hell every year or so, eh? I used to have to do a psych visit every 2 months in California, which was obnoxious. See, even these 2 responses are different - but it sounds like getting medication from the state where your insurance is based and having at least 1-3 months at a time is helpful.

They’ve been pretty good about it here in Colorado… I’ve been looking into getting “vacation” extensions, which usually aren’t questioned if it’s a 3-month one. I hope more people comment so we get more perspectives!

It’s very dependent on your insurance location for sure. Still no mail orders…
Three months is most likely as good as you will find…
When I was struggling at my worst with mental health, I was on Medicaid just moved to Philly. Drs there didn’t want to prescribe me anything despite my substantial history of taking stimulants.
Luckily I was still in touch with a kick ass Dr out of Virginia who would still mail me my paper scripts, but he didn’t do more than three at a time. I’m pretty sure that’s DEA. You would think I’d know more considering my father was a practicing psychiatrist up to a year before he he passed away recently, but he never treated me that would have been about as shady as it gets.

I get that craziness that is prescription abuse is real, but I don’t relate… Any of my drug use was the old fashioned kind at parties with plastic baggies😋