Additional Single Seat Suggestions

Hey All,

 I'm researching a third seat for our campervan. We've settled on a Ford Transit. The additional seating provided by the factory doesn't work with our needs. We're looking for a single adjustable seat and seat belt assembly to go with it. All suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!

I’m pretty sure “jump seats” are available for your van. It would mount between the driver and passenger seat, and some of them have a storage tray underneath, as well as the ability to fold flat into a center console with more storage and drink holders. Only disadvantage is that most of them are only equipped with a lap belt without a shoulder harness.

That’s a possibility. I’m not so sure I want to have my 8-yr old crammed between us for 8+ hours on the road day after day. Lol I’ll still check into it. Might be good to have for short trips.

Some of them can be mounted further back, as long as you can secure the seat, and more importantly the seatbelts, to the floor/body/frame.

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I’d start by looking up the state & federal laws on the subject. If you don’t comply with them, that gives the insurance companies an out. I’ve heard that in some states it’s illegal to have seating in the back of a cargo van. Some states require them to be installed by certified professionals, and some states might not care at all.

You didn’t mention, or I missed whether it was a passenger van or a cargo van. A passenger van should already have reinforced spots for seats & belts, while most cargo vans don’t, and they’ll have to be created.

If DIY is allowed, I’d just pull a nice swivel captains chair out of a conversion van in a wrecking yard, along with the matching seat belts & hardware, and install heavy reinforcement under the floor for the seat in case of a crash.


PS: I’d put the new seat by the side door, so you have the space behind the driver for kitchen etc.

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