Adding windows to Econoline

Hello! I’m super new to the community (can’t believe I’ve made van life a reality) and am currently adding some additions to the mostly converted 2008 econoline 250 I bought. I’m wanting to add windows on the rear doors, which I have bought from eBay, but cannot find any resources from people who have done this before. I’m wondering If anyone has info on how to figure out the cut outs and install with the double-layer walls. My dad and I made templates but they don’t seem to line up with the contours on the insides of the doors where it looks like the windows would sit. We would super appreciate any help or tips so that we can move forward confidently!!

It may be easier, maybe even cheaper, to get a set of windowed rear doors from a salvage yard.

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On the off chance you are in Alberta, I have a set of windowed rear doors on my 2008 E-Series and would prefer non-windowed.