Add a trailer for motorcycles and bathroom


Very cool video! You certainly have talent for figuring out how to make something like that.
If you didn’t have the bathroom, do you think a Prius could fit in one of those? My van is a 2003 Ford E250 and I’m trying figure out a way to haul my Prius with me.

How would you get out of it after you drove it in? You’d need a trailer designed to carry a car.

With speed… :wink:

Seriously, there probably already is an enclosed car trailer that is just long enough to fit a small toilet/shower section.

Well, I have had to crawl into the back part and pop the hatch from inside to get it open so I could jump the starter battery. Guess I could get in and out that way. Just kidding really! I’m just looking for different options. With the Prius, the front wheels can’t be rolling so it has to be towed with a dolly that elevates the front wheels or on a flatbed. I’ll probably end up renting the Dolly type when the time comes.

my man’s even got a bidet in there. nice build!


One of these days I’m going to try one of those bidet’s.


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Got one for the house back when T paper was hard to find. 50 bucks on Amazon. Get one that’s both hot and cold. Pays for itself in the savings you get from limited toilet paper use and your bung hole is much cleaner too ;).