AC/Heating/Water Heater/Refrigerator-Freezer Tech Runs off 1 small solar panel

I’m thinking of releasing my AC/Heating/Water Heater/Refrigerator-Freezer Technology that uses such little electricity that it can be powered by a small cheap solar panel from Harbor Freight Tools through the Van-life Nomad community in North America. This system will keep your van comfortable in ANY climate and operate your refrigerator/freezer at the same time. The same system boils water up to 340 degrees and can be governed to your desired hot water temperature. Lastly the air passing through the system is free from all dust and pathogens with no filter to replace or clean.

If I do release this system it will NOT be sold, but rather leased. I am thinking of a lease start-up cost of around $1,000 which includes the installation of the system and can be financed. The monthly lease I’m considering would be between $65 - $75 per month.

I’m looking for feedback and level of interest for my plans to release my technology through this unique community. This system is being used in a very limited scale overseas successfully. However, the US is my home and it’s my wish to establish it here.

The system is very durable and the only moving parts are the blowers. One additional battery or small solar panel is all that’s needed to power up this system providing reliable comfort, food refrigeration and hot water on demand for your nomad lifestyles. My friends within the van life community have urged me to explore this sector in the release of this extraordinary technology, The more I look into it the more I am encouraged that this is more than viable.

The bulk of revenue gained through US installations will be used to bless others around the globe with other life changing applications of my technology who are suffering greatly. I am NOT motivated by $$ and have refused to sell my technologies to the corportacracy that pervert everyone’s prosperity no matter how much the beast has offered me. I refuse to allow these inventions to just collect dust in some back room of a large corporation. They need to be used and I believe you folks are perfect for it’s widespread release.

What do y’all think? Your feedback would be most helpful. Is this something you would want/need? How do you feel about the price point?


IMO there is no such product

Ah… you read my post then stated the obvious. There isn’t any such product as I’m currently considering releasing my technology by adapting it to the van life community. The adaptation is rudimentary. If my assumptions are correct about this unique community then the thoroughly tested technology will become a product for van lifers.


Links to it’s use overseas? Reviews from it’s users?


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It’s currently being used in a few mining operations in S. Africa. This is an industrial applications of my technology so there isn’t a website or testimonials. Pretend, if you will, the technology delivers as stated. With that in mind I’m looking for feedback and interest. If my assumptions are correct in how my tech is needed in your sector I will install a few at my expense in some vans. Then a dedicated website with testimonials from some of the leaders of your community will be built. That is step 3. I’m on step 2 at the moment. If the interest is compelling then step 3 is planned for the fall of this year, possibly by the end of this summer.


I’m concerned about your lease idea… I have everything mentioned, all for well under a $1k total investment, and no monthly payments. You say you’re not after the money, yet your pricing scheme suggests otherwise.

We’re the ones suffering from overpriced and under producing products & services. Many van lifers have been forced into this lifestyle due to extreme poverty rather than by choice.

If your idea is sound, and your product is better or substantially cheaper than what is currently available, then there will be plenty of money to be made just selling us the product outright with no lease attached.

I am willing to change my opinion if you provide better details like actual power consumption, so we can gauge whether your idea is even viable for most of us.


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Thank you Friend for the great feedback. The entire system only uses 20w. You can cool & heat your space in ANY climate along with heating your water well pass boiling if you want & keep your refrigerator/freezer running for the same output. So this can run easily off the battery(s) you already have without draining them provided you run your engine once a week. Or, a small inexpensive solar panel provides plenty of juice to run it.

The system has no moving parts except for a blower. There are no gases or anything at all to maintain. The suggested price point in the post was suggested by a couple of friends that are seasoned van-lifers. The lease payment can be far less, even 1/2.

I have a non profit so the revenues gained from the US will largely be used to spread my technologies to the most desperate of our planet. I won’t sell any system or unit using the technology so I can maintain better control of it. There are several life changing applications for it. The mines using it in SA are purify their operation’s waste water with the tech.

Your thoughtful feedback is very much appreciated. I hope to receive more from your community.


20 watts at what voltage? Voltage always needs to be displayed along with either watts or amps to give an accurate representation.

While I’m not interested in a lease type situation, I would be willing to accept a unit and do an honest review of it for you. If it’s all tha you say, it could be a huge hit. ( This is a very valuable offer, because I normally turn down a ton of totally free mechandise wanting reviews. )


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