A silver surfer in the UK


First of all I can’t surf☹️ But have got grey hairs…mainly from converting my van I think!

Been, very slowly cus everything takes for ever, converting a Merc sprinter MWB.
I’m not too far off now but the electrics is a black art to me☹️ and guy who promised to help me has let me down! So, if anyone can share an easy to understand wiring diagram that would be brill😀

Instagram. johnhfd99. For progress so far



We are currently working on making an extremely in depth e book which will outline everything you need to know about van life.

But for now I recommend checking out:

They both got some pretty detailed e books.


Unless you have a pretty good idea about electronics don’t try wire it yourself. Common mistakes are people using thin wires which can get to hot, burn through or create a fire. If you are running off a 12v battery you are usually pretty safe but using incorrect size wires etc can result in a lot of useless power output which is not ideal when using small capacity batteries. One step further is to make sure you understand how to connect a second battery so that you do not drain the first. Making sure to instal a duel battery operating system. Also it can get tricky if you have solar. A charge regulator is a must at the very minimum. I hope that helps somewhat. All in all seek help from someone who knows what they are doing. Good luck :+1::ok_hand:


Thanks Thomas😀
Did arrange for someone to do for me but let me down but will keep looking.


Where are you located. I am in London. I could help you out?


Hi Thomas. I live in Hereford… bout 150 miles away :frowning:


Oh no. Maybe a bit far away. Let me know on this post how you go and I’ll try to respond with any useful information :+1::ok_hand:


Just down the road for an Ausi :joy:

Ok, will do.


Haha. Very true :+1::ok_hand: takes a long time to travel anyway in London though :fearful::cold_sweat: