A newbie...needing advice

I have purchased a used high-top van and it has a major leak (leaks) where the high-top meets the van…the chaulking is all cracked and even missing in a few places and obviously need re-done. My question is…What product works best and holds up the best to weather extremes and UV rays …looking for some good input here and thank you all in advance

Greetings & Welcome!

Boy, this is a tough one not being able to see it first hand… By first thought is to jack up the top and put a brand new seal all the way around.

My second thought is that if you have access to the joining points all the way around from the inside, to use something like flex-seal. For the outside, you’d need to fill in the missing pieces, plumbers putty might work for that. Once filled in, a sealing coat of clear flex-seal to seal it all up.

I am not endorsing flex-seal, as I have never used it. There are many types of sealants and caulking available, just be certain that whatever you choose is appropriate for both the top and the body.


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