A new way of life at 52

Hey everyone,
My name is Trish, I currently reside in NC living with my family.
I’ve basically been without my own home for 10 years and taking care of family.
I’ve spent a couple of years now looking into alternatives to what the US deems a normal home.
First it was tiny homes, but this still tied me to one specific location.
I am incredibly passionate about travel, different cultures and meeting people. This ultimately led to researching ways to live and travel.
I work as a temp locally for the moment, but I’m returning to school dfi that I can work remotely and feed my passion.
I was ready to buy 2 months ago. I don’t have the funds to purchase a custom built van, but I lack tools and honestly help to build my own.
I love the idea of building my own, but know I will need help.
I really look forward to getting to know y’all.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Cheap older Class C motorhomes are usually the best bet for newbies. They’re move in ready, with no “build” necessary. Keep them stock, and use them as they were intended. Don’t get side tracked by things like solar or 12v compressor fridges. Get one that is fully self contained and has both a generator and air conditioning.

Get a pre-purchase inspection done on it to make sure everything works as it should and is mechanically in good shape. Check the age on the tires, they can look great but be very hazardous if they’re too old. Your life could depend on your tires, they are very important.

If it doesn’t come with working smoke/propane/carbon monoxide detectors, GET THEM. The same with an appropriately rated fire extinguisher. Safety is important.


"A cheap factory camper van or motorhome will save
you money both now and later." ~ TruthMatters