A little on the warm side

A little on the warm side in Orlando today!


Time for a swamp cooler… I did many summers in Miami, and my swamp cooler kept me comfortable 24/7, and used under 2a @ 12vdc. The indirect type like mine uses a radiator for the heat exchanger, just like a compressor air conditioner does. It will also lower the humidity by about half.

Swamp coolers are actually –MUCH– more effective & efficient than air conditioners if used correctly, just not quite as handy since the portable ones need to refilled with water every few days. Home units are usually hooked up to a water source, so no manual refilling is necessary.

Swamp coolers do work differently though, and only work well if used properly. An air conditioner will try to cool the air in the room, which is slow, hard, and energy inefficient. In contrast, a swamp cooler works by replacing the air in the room with cooler air, which is fast, easy, and energy efficient. You just need an open window on the opposite end of the vehicle, or other end of the house, so the hotter air can be exhausted outside.

The newer thermo-electric (Peltier powered) heat pumps don’t require water filling, and can keep you comfortable at any temperature above freezing. Heat pumps in general don’t work well below freezing and require an additional heat source. They will typically heat/cool up/down by about 40°F - 50°F and only use about 5a @ 12vdc. They were selling these at the big RV show in Quartzsite for $100, or they would be pretty simple to DIY for under $50.

Ice fans may not be able to cool your whole rig, but they can certainly cool you, and are simple and easy. Freeze a gallon jug of water, and stick a fan in front of it blowing towards you. The ice will last for many hours, and can be refrozen when not in use.

There are both powered and non powered heating/cooling blankets, clothes, & seat cushions. There’s also non powered wearable evaporative cooling clothing accessories of many types.

People conquered both air cooling & personal cooling in ancient times, long before electricity, or the mechanical/industrial revolutions. Quite often forgotten history holds the answers to many of our modern day problems, and when combined with some more modern tech, modern day air conditioners are a huge energy hog boondoggle, and much more energy efficient and effective options are available, much cheaper, and more reliable too.


"Failures are merely a learning oportunity." ~ Rubber Tramp