A Little About Me

I currently live in a house (usually an odd way to start an introduction! lol), but we’ve lived for years in truck, trailer, van, and RV. We still live like we did when we traveled, sort of like camping at home. Lately, we’ve been thinking about getting out some, I got the invitation, so I thought I’d see what y’all are talking about. It’s great to be here!


Thank you for joining us!!

You guys lived in all of thoose? That’s awesome! How many years were you guys on the road for?

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In our previous lives…
My husband grew up taking summer trips in his parent’s class A. As an adult he lived in his truck for around a year.

I was previously married and was in the others for 7ish years, off and on. We always had a home base, but for 2 years-ish we were on the road 3 weeks or so out of a month. A two week rental of a class C, and several months in a Dodge Caravan with a Wells Cargo (and three kids under 10) lead to the purchase of a travel trailer.

Currently, we have a Club wagon and a school bus. I don’t think the bus will be moved (my husband built a rocket mass heater in it) but we had a nice trip in it before it got rooted. I think for us we’ll do a few shorter trips in the van, but I think we’ll need another. My husband still has that truck he slept in decades ago, maybe that would work too.

Today, we’ve taken what we found to be the best parts of our lives and merged them. Although we don’t move, by definition we could be called “boondocking” in that we choose to live in a remote underdeveloped area. We usually do daily activities of “dry camping” (haul water, bucket baths, etc) because we enjoy it. We have running water, we just don’t use it as often as most home dwellers. I don’t exactly fit with the suburbanites!

We’re thinking of a few short trips in the van (we can bring our income source with us), but I think we’ll need two vehicles for anything over a week. Either that truck I mentioned, or another van. Still tossing the idea around.


How are you guys supporting this lifestyle financially, if you dont mind me asking?

I don’t mind. For the last 5 years our sole source of income has been from transcription.

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