A/C unit recommendations

Hey there, just recently purchased a ford transit extended high roof van! super stoked to start ordering everything I need. I will be in a hot climate most of the time and need a good vent/ ac unit. would greatly appreciate some recommendations, nothing crazy expensive. Thank you!

Greetings & Welcome!

Without a generator or shore power, air conditioners simply aren’t practical for nomads.

Swamp coolers are one of the best choices, and if you match the type with your environment, they’ll work better than an A/C anyway, while using only 1-2 amps per hour @ 12vdc.

If you’re in a humid area, you want one that uses a radiator so that it cools the air and dehumidifies it. In dry areas, you want the type without the radiator so it both cools & slightly humidifies the interior. I don’t know whether there’s currently any 12v models on the market, but they’re cheap and easy to make. The ones with the radiator will work in dry areas too, just not quite as efficiently, but mine was still able to drop my indoor temp down to 70°f when it was 120°f outside, and I was parked in full sun, with no covers on any of my windows. I actually had to open some windows to keep it from dropping below that.

Mine holds about 5 gallons of water, and that’s enough to last for about a week. A small price to pay to stay cool, calm, & comfortable.


"Too hot? Seek shade, ventilation, and a 12v swamp cooler." ~ Happy Camper

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