7.3 ford van isolator help!

Anyone running a battery isolator to run a 3rd battery for camper van setup in a 7.3 powerstroke? Which battery do I run the isolator off of? The one under the hood or the one bolted to the frame?


There’s a good chance that they’re set up to both charge directly off the alternator. If that’s the case, you can hook up your isolator to either one of them, whichever is handiest for your setup.


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I have the same setup, do you also have the dual alternators?

From what I’ve found, the dual alternators do NOT charge both batteries, they each charge one. Fair warning, this might be wrong, but I’ve been having a hard time finding the information so this is only as best as I can tell.

So my advice, would be to go off the primary alternator connected to the main battery. Or, if you have the dual alternators, and one is significantly newer than the other, then perhaps that would be a wise choice as well.

Best of luck, let me know how it goes so I can hopefully learn from what find out as well, haha.

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Intresting… I didn’t even know some came with dual alternators. After doing some reading I guess it was a option. But did you run yours off the one on the frame or under the hood?

Can you simply not check for continuity with a meter between the each alternator and each battery or even between each alternator?.

Or just disconnect one alternator and meter the battery voltage while everything is running. It should make it pretty apparent if they both charge both batteries or not.