48v solar system in van with 240v fridge?

Hi All,

I am doing a conversion and looking for general advise.

I have a spare 48v off grid inverter and Pylontech us3000c 3.5kwh lithium battery that I was thinking along the lines of installing it in my camper conversion along with single 405w Longi Solar Panel.

The van has a starter battery and leisure battery via split charge relay to power the 12v loads. I have a dedicated battery charger that could be run off the inverter to change the leisure battery when not being charged from the alternator.

Also, looking at fridge/freezer I am prefferring the compressor fridge due to the lower power demands. However, thinking of buying a 240v fridge instead of 12v and having it run off the inverter.

Anyway, just wanted to gauge peoples thoughts and look at the pro’s/cons of such a setup.




Fuel powered fridges/freezers require no electricity.


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