3M Adhesive Removal Wheel for use on inside van? Bad idea?


I am trying to remove the glue/adhesive that attached styrofoam to the walls and ceiling of our van (thank you, previous owner). I’ve been using goo gone, but it’s messy, takes forever, and I’m a bit dizzy from it.

Any thoughts on using the 3M Adhesive Removal Wheel for use on INSIDE the van to remove this stuff. It doesn’t seem to remove paint on outside vehicles sooooo… any reason it’s a bad idea for inside the vehicle?

I look forward to your thoughts! Thank you

PS. Yes, I’m sure I could just skip removing the glue/adhesive altogether, but I guess I just want a clean slate.


Seems like I read somewhere to use oven cleaner on it. Never tried it myself though.

I’ve always used white vinegar or acetone if the vinegar didn’t work. Dab it on, let the glue soften, then remove it with a plastic scraper & rags. Make sure you have good ventilation, and a fan can help a lot.


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