3, 2, 1: Here We Go!

Well, I am about to begin van life. '99 E350XL built out. Finishing up moving out of my current address. I work full time and am staying here doing that for a while. Want to make the switch for freedom, money and eventually I will take to the road for adventures. I want to eventually work half the year or so, adventure the other half.

The van: I bought it mostly converted. Insulated, built in bed with nice memory foam. It’s got a little solar power. (100ah AGM, 1000w inverter one 100w panel.) Enough to power the exhaust fan, my TV and charge small electronics. I am very sensitive to sleeping in the heat so I got a Jackery 1500 that will power a Zero Breeze Mark 2 for sleeping at night. Van has a sink (5 gal fresh and gray) that I likely will never use. Outside shower apparatus mounted on roof rack that I likely will also never use. Vinyl/tile style floor. It’s got 158k on it, and in really good shape.

I know nothing. Only thing I know is to try and be prepared and I’ve done that to the best of my ability. I’m a 30 year old single guy, sky’s the limit. Currently live in NH, USA (greatest country on earth). I’m not really one for the whole hash tag van life, obviously glamorized yet bloviated Instagram nonsense. That’s not real life. I am excited for the journey, including its many challenges.

Greetings & Welcome!

I’m a little skeptical of the Jackery/Zero Breeze choice… Have you tried this out yet? I’ll be looking forward to reports & updates on this. 2400 BTU’s seems awfully low to me, but it might be enough for night time use only.

Are you going to recharge the Jackery at work?

If it doesn’t work out as planned, there are other options available, and we’re always happy to help.


"Fuel powered everything for the win, preferably hydrogen." ~ JustTheFacts

I believe the Jackery/ZBMK2 combo will work for my intended purpose. As far as 2300-2400btu is concerned, yes it will only help you stay “comfortable” in the most brutal conditions, not necessarily “ice cold”. That’s fine. My plan is to air out the van at night as it cools down for the day and then run the ZB if needed. A 1500w jackery should be plenty, especially with the ZB on sleep mode or on a lower setting. And yes, I will be charging at work during the day. Eventually I am going to order a few solar panels for the jackery and do it that way. My work setting is conducive to good, private parking with visibility of the vehicle while I work and a very safe area.